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Cytoflex® Ti-enforced® Membrane

Cytoflex® Ti-enforced® Membrane

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Ti-Enforced® ePTFE membranes are a multi-layer, non-resorbable membrane intended to be surgically placed under the muco-periosteum to aid in tissue regeneration in accordance with the guided tissue regeneration principle. It is a barrier material with a titanium frame enclosed within two layers of ePTFE material. The titanium reinforcement is intended for space and shape maintenance to contain bone grafting material and to minimize graft movement during wound healing. The membranes are designed to block bacteria penetration, and impede the migration and establishment of gingival tissue derived cells into bony defects. This provides a more favorable environment for neovascularization and for bone derived cells to repopulate and repair the defect. The Ti-Enforced® membranes are textured on both surfaces to improve handling and adhesion between tissue and membrane. The approximate implantation time is around 1-6 months.

Ti-enforced® Safety Data Sheet 


Ti-Enforced Perforated Membranes



Recommended Membrane Size for Extraction Sites

 Membrane Size Recommended Extraction Site
12x24mm Anterior Narrow, for single tooth extraction sites
13x20mm Perio, for periodontal defects
14x24mm Anterior Single, for single tooth extraction sites
18x29mm Large Anterior Single, for large single tooth extraction sites
19x26mm Buccal, for buccal defects
20x25mm Posterior Single, for grafting posterior extraction sites
25x30mm Posterior Large, for grafting large bony defects
25x36mm Posterior Single Winged, for grafting posterior extraction sites
27x29mm Large Buccal, for large buccal defects
30x41mm Posterior Large Winged, for grafting large bony defects
32x40mm Extra Large, for grafting very large bony defects


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