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Unicare Biomedical Inc.

Unify® Polypropylene Sutures

Unify® Polypropylene Sutures

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  • Very flexible
  • High tensile strength
  • Minimal tissue reaction
  • Very smooth surface, resulting in minimal tissue trauma
  • Precise knot placement
  • Ultra sharp needle point for atraumatic tissue penetration
  • Needle coated with silicone for smooth tissue passage
  • Thread type: Monofilament
  • Color: Blue
  • Strength duration: life time
  • Absorb duration: N/A



Product Name: Polypropylene Surgical Sutures, Size 4/0, 18" Thread with 19mm 3/8 Circle R/C Needle. Blue. Box of 12.
Item #: M-P418R19
Brand: UNIFY
Manufacturer: Private Label Manufacturing Partners
Needle Size: 19mm
Needle Curvature: 3/8 Circle
Needle Cutting: Reverse Cutting
Thread Size: 4/0
Thread Length: 18 in (45cm)
Color: Blue
Comparable Needles:FS-2 / C-13 / C6
Product Line: Regular Sutures Thread
Material: Polypropylene
Packing: Box of 12 Pieces
Absorption: Non-Absorbable
Strength: Lifetime
Thread Type: Monofilament
Synthetic: Yes
Tensile Strength: Very High
Comparable Material: Prolene / Surgipro Tissue
Reaction: Very Minimal
Wicking Behavior: No Shape
Memory: Very Low Knot
Safety: Very Good
Smooth: Very Good
Sawing Effect: No
Rx Only: Yes

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